Central Supply & Lab

Routine environment testing in the hospital ensures a safe environment for each patient. Our laboratory at LEMC strives to perform as many tests as possible in house, however certain specimens are sent daily to outside labs for processing. These outside labs are chosen for their expertise, and include; Colorado State Diagnostics Lab for Histopathology, Center for Tox Services for drug screening, Cornell Diagnostics Lab for Endocrinology. Along with BioMed Services & Heska for allergy screening and Equine Diagnostics Solutions & U.C. Davis for PCR, EMV and EPM testing. To expedite results, all specimens are shipped out priority overnight.

As a full-service hospital, we are able to care for our patients from start to finish. We have a complete pharmacy to provide assistance for both patients suffering from a variety of conditions as well as horses in peak performance. We offer a variety of products to aid horses in their conditioning and performance throughout any level of their career. For more information click either of the links below.

With a fast turnaround time and a personalized perscription plan, our pharmacy strives to keep your horse healthy.

Comprehensive, reliable test results are crucial to providing continuous, high-quality care to our clients and referring practitioners. This includes Coggins (EIA) testing, which our staff is federally licensed and approved to perform.

The on-site laboratory provides rapid turnaround for tests that include, but are not limited to CBC’s, chemistry panels, cultures, cytology, fecal examinations, blood-gas analysis, coggins, microbiology and parasitology.

We offer tours of the laboratory by appointment.

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