Littleton Equine Medical Center offers a wide variety of services, for both mares and stallions, to meet your reproductive needs. Whether you are an experienced breeder or ready to have your first foal, we offer the expertise, support, and commitment needed to facilitate a successful breeding.

Other reproductive services offered

Breeding Management for the Mare and Stallion

Breeding Soundness Exams

Embryo Transfer

Integrative Medicine for Reproduction

Reproductive Surgeries

Broodmare Preparation

Planning and preparation prior to breeding your mare can go a long way towards getting her in foal more easily. Preparation includes light therapy for early breeding, fitness and nutrition, preventative medical care and breeding soundness exams. Spending the extra time and money on the front end can frequently help save both in the long run.

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Semen Considerations

The method by which semen is packaged and distributed will play a large factor in determining the total costs associated with getting your mare pregnant. The main “types” of semen distribution are via live cover, cool-shipped semen, or frozen semen.

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Our skilled, knowledgeable staff and safe, clean, low-stress environment provides the optimal facility to help you achieve your reproductive goals.